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We have helped thousands of companies around the world

We have published industry reports from over 250 industries and 100 countries. By providing the most up-to-date market data in the industry reports, we have helped thousands of companies around the world to identify new business opportunities and gain a much clearer perspective on the actual market situation, trends, and future outlook for different industries.



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Global Research & Data Services is one of the leading sources of global industry information. Since 1992, the company’s strong expertise has helped thousands of companies from more than 80 countries around the world to identify new business opportunities with our key market trends and analysis.

Diverse range of industries and countries covered

The GRDS advantage rests in the diverse range of industries and countries covered. The company publishes industry reports from over 250 industries and 100 countries. This extremely comprehensive coverage is made possible by an experienced team of industry experts and specialists. The company’s expertise and advanced methodology enable the publication of standard format industry reports which allow for easy benchmarking of different countries and product segments against each other.

Our company can provide that difficult-to-find market data from industries and countries that most market research publishers do not cover. The main industries currently covered include, among others: automotive, aerospace and transportation, chemicals, clothing, footwear and textiles, consumer goods, electronics, fertilizers, food and beverages, furniture and furnishing, machinery and equipment, medical devices, metals, non-metallic minerals, optical goods, packaging, paper, pharmaceuticals, plastics and rubber, pulp, tobacco and wood.

Reports offer answers to many key questions

By providing the most up-to-date market data in the industry reports, we help you gain a much clearer perspective on the actual market situation, trends, and future outlook for different industries. The reports help you find answers to such key questions as:

What is the current market size for the product in question globally and in different countries?

How are the markets divided into different product segments?

How are the overall market and different product segments growing?

How are the markets predicted to develop in the future?

What is the market potential between different countries and product segments?

Why rely on our reports?

Among the many business-critical reasons to use GRDS’s research include:

  • Gaining a deep insight into the historical development, current market situation, on-going trends, and future outlook of the markets

  • Tracking industry trends and identifying market opportunities

  • Planning and developing marketing, market-entry, market expansion, and other business strategies by identifying the key market trends and prospects

  • Saving time and money with the readily accessible key market data included in the industry reports. The market data is clearly presented and can be easily incorporated into presentations and internal reports.

The industry reports offer an invaluable resource for industry executives; marketing, sales and product managers; consultants; analysts; and other industry experts looking for reliable industry data in a readily accessible and clearly presented format. The reports represent critical tools for any private or public sector decision-makers looking to evaluate the market situation and opportunities in a given industry and country.

We provide the difficult-to-find market data that most market researchers do not cover!


Users of the GRDS’s research include industrial firms, consulting companies, investment banks, trade organizations, industry associations, and so forth. One of the common characteristics of our clients is that they require reliable key market information in a readily available and easily accessible format.

Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow every single year. One such case was that of a consultant at one of the leading global consulting companies who had a project related to the Malaysian gas turbine market.

With a key presentation looming on the market size of the Malaysian gas turbine market, its growth rates and future forecasts, the client decided to call us on the way to the meeting room for any information that he could present to the executives.

When the client opened his email inbox in the meeting room, he found our recently published industry report on the gas turbine market in Malaysia and was able to provide an excellent presentation with the clearly presented key market figures included in the report.

After the meeting, the client contacted us to show his appreciation:


I would like to thank you once again for the report you sent me. The report had exactly the information I was looking for. The layout and style of presentation was great. I could use the report immediately in my presentation.”


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